Ammonite Accu 12aH Battery Pack




Ammonite Accu 12aH Battery Pack

ACCU 12 Ah LITHIUM is a universal power source for all types of lamp heads, especially recommended for LED SOLARIS, LED RADICAL, LED SPOT and LED PRIME heads. The container holds a Li-Ion battery pack (memory effect totally free) 12 V, 12 Ah with short circuit protection. Battery does not require regular service. The casing is made of DELRIN (acetal resin), it is sealed with 2 o-rings and equipped with a safety valve. ACCU 12 Ah LITHIUM has a socket for a power supply cable. The power supply cable plug is provided with 2 o-rings ensuring airtight connection after connecting to the battery container. The battery container is regularly equipped with a bracket to attach to the hip belt or to mount under the belt holding a diving cylinder.

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