Ammonite Spot LED Head




Ammonite Spot LED Head

A perfect primary light - a follow-up to its predecessor featuring improved specifications - 800 lm. New electronics and new, more intuitive logic of the switch; colour temperature of 6300 K; light distribution angle of 6 providing a glow for extra lighting of the exploration area. Improved ergonomics with a bigger switch knob; perfect for communication.   The new LED SPOT torch casing has been redesigned. Now the head weighs less - a certain material used in it has been removed as it did not contribute to the casing's robustness, while increasing its weight. These areas have been filled with PVC foam, which prevents internal light reflections and improves the product's aesthetics. The switch knob size has been increased, which contributes to the head's ergonomics - now switching it on and off is easier. The LED efficiency has been improved by almost 20% thanks to a completely new system supplying higher voltage current to the LED panel. But it is still about the excellent LED's from Cree.

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