Best Fittings 12gm Non-Threaded CO2 - 50 Pack

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Ideal for CO2 guns. May be packed in 10 x packs of 5.

Our CO2 Cartridges are filled with 100% pure CO2. You should regularly lubricate your gun using a Silicone lubricant.

MOSA CO2 Cartridges are made of 100% recyclable steel, they are lacquered or anodized, not refillable and contain approx. 12 gms pure CO2 under pressure. Total weight 41gm. Size 82.5mm x 18.5mm.

Ideal for use in Paintball markers and CO2 pistols & CO2 rifles - please double check gun takes 12gm (NOT 12oz) cartridges!

Warning - Never remove from device before checking cartridge is empty. Be aware - cartridge freezes when in use.


Cartridge under great pressure. Please use in accordance with manufacturers instructions. Non-aerosol. Recyclable steel. Volume 15cm3. Contains 12gm Carbon Dioxide UN1013 under pressure. Gross cartridge weight - 42g. Colour - Gold. Do not pierce except by approved device. Never dispose of full cartridges. Keep box until use of last cartridge. Keep out of reach of children. Do not expose to sun and heat. Explosion danger - 50C max temperature.