Best Fittings Hills Mk2 & Mk3 Pump - Drypac Upgrade Kit

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Hills Mk2 & Mk3 Stirrup Pump Drypac Kit. Retro Fit.

ESSENTIAL Drypac kit for moisture and particle removal.

Universal fitting kit supplied. Full instructions included.

Please note that this unit will not fit other brands of pump.

Dry-Pac kit for all MK2 and 3rd Gen Pumps. Includes all connectors and one sachet of Dry-Pac medium.


This kit is easy to fit. Dry Pack will remove over 90% of moisture.

MK2 and 3rd Gen pumps have air inlet holes at the bottom of the pump.

MKI pumps have a single air inlet at the top of the pump underneath the handle and this kit is not compatible.

3rd Gen Pumps have 3 rings top and bottom of the outer body tube.