Best Fittings Hills Mk3 Stirrup Pump. Piston Quick Service Kit

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Hills Mk3 Stirrup Pump Piston Quick Service Seal Kit.

A kit of 3 replacement seals, including the main high pressure seal.

The classic symptom of a problem with this seal is resistance on the upstroke and tendency to recoil back downwards. The piston seal is the workhorse of the pump and it's life can be dramatically shortened by overheating and a lack of lubrication.

To maximise the life of this seal please follow the advice on pumping and lubrication in our instructions.

3rd Gen pumps can be identified by the 3 rings on the top and bottom of the pump body tube.

MKI pumps can be identified by the single air inlet hole at the top of the pump underneath the handle connection.

MK2 pumps can be identified by the air inlet holes being at the bottom of the pump on the inner slide tube.

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