Best Fittings Theoben Rapid 7 Regulator Tester

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Theoben Rapid Regulator Output Pressure Tester.

Brand New BEST Fittings Design

No gun charging cylinder required, fully self sufficient with just your buddy bottle!

An essential accessory for checking your Rapid7 regulator output.

They are a must if you wish to change calibre or just turn the reg down for more shots per fill.

Operating Instructions.

1. Clamp the unit in a vice, soft jaws advised to avoid marking.

2. Screw in your Rapid7 Regulator utilising the standard action sealing 'O' ring.

3. Now screw your buddy bottle into the regulator body, and the regulated pressure will be displayed on the precision gauge.

4. Unscrew the bottle one turn, and you can now bleed the reg chamber using the simple push button bleed.

5. Fully demount the buddy bottle.

6. If you need to make any adjustments to your reg, you can do this now., and then re-check using the above procedure.

As a guide, 1/8 of a turn of the regulator locknut increases or decreases the output by 5-10 BAR.

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