Buddy Tekwing




The AP Tekwing is a fully customisable technical BCD package with a wide range of optional features allowing you to configure the kit precisely to your needs  

Upgrade options include:

  • Integrated Weight System option
  • Choice of emergency breathing and buoyancy mini-cylinders
  • Choice of the APV200 inflator or the Auto Air octo-inflator
  • Twinset Camband option 

The Tekwing comes with a single cylinder camband which fits all cylinders up to 15 litre (8" diam.) unless you request a twinset camband kit below. The twinset camband is available in different sizes to fit the range of cylinders available - see Configuration guide below

Other upgrades options:

  • Redundant buoyancy - see the AP Redwing
  • Side-mounting options - see pony-cylinder and stage cylinder bands 

The Tekwing includes the reflex comfort-fit system with a fully padded harness and backpack (including extra lumbar support) and the unique extendable backplate which allows the cylinder weight to be directed and distributed across the lower back and pelvis rather than onto the spine - essential when diving with a twinset. 

One size fits all

Key Features:

  • Reflex comfort-fit system - anatomically contoured, fully padded and adjustable to the finest degree at shoulders, waist and back-plate
  • Unique high-traction, stabilising cylinder-cradle backplate designed to cater for different size single cylinders or twin-cylinder sets
  • 8 welded aluminium D rings - 6 of them pre-bent to stand-off for easy location and attachment at the shoulders and base of the wing
  • Choice of emergency breathing valve/inflator
  • Optional emergency 0.4litre 232bar mini-cylinder DIN or A-clamp (300bar DIN also available)
  • Positively buoyant dump-pull at rear left - easy-to-find when swimming head down
  • Negatively buoyant, easy-find dump-pull at front right
  • 3rd dump/over-pressure valve integrated into the inflator & hose assembly
  • Waistband slots are designed to prevent "tank-wrap" if used with a single cylinder
  • Two-band crotch straps are fitted to eliminate ride-up on inflation of the wing
  • High visibility reflective piping
  • Padded lumbar support
  • Unique AP twin-bag construction with bespoke Endura FX100 1000 denier coated-nylon outer bag
  • Air-tight PU welded inner bladder with Lifetime Warranty
  • Service zip allowing replacement / service of bladder and all valve

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